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the human league: 1977-present (original line-up)
phil oakey: vocals
martyn ware: synths
ian craig marsh: synths

human league

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human league

They were partly responsible for bringing Sheffield music to an international audience. Their electronic sound mixed with pop tunes were a start of a new era in music.future

The originators of the band, Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh met in 1975 on a theatre project called Meat Whistle. They started gigging in Sheffield under names like Musical Vomit. Their intention was to just get up and play and get away from the industrial environment of Sheffield.

Hearing Kraftwerk at a party at Richard Kirk's (Cabaret Voltaire) house made them realize how powerful electronic music could be. Ian started building his own synthesiser and they experimented with electronic sounds. They formed a duo called the Dead Daughters and in June 1977 Adi Newton joined to form ´The Future´

In 1978 Adi Newton leaves to form his own band Clock DVA and Ian and Martin ask an old school friend Phil Oakey to join their new band ´The Human League´phil oakey
Their aim to make electronic pop music wasn't taken seriously by the people involved in the Sheffield music scene. To everybody's surprise their first single Being Boiled was a success,
But the following albums weren't as successful as they wanted them to be and when Gary Numan had a number one with his single 'Are Friends Electric?', they felt that he had stolen their thunder.
To everybody's surprise the band split. Quote from Paul Bower of 2.3: "The Human League has split! That's like taking down the town hall. I can't believe it."
The new line up with Joanne and Susanne had a huge success with their album Dare in 1981.

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